Administration and collection of claims

85% success rate with invoices within 90 days
78% success rate with invoices up to 180 days

Compared with the usual way of collecting of claims we can reduce the time of claims
recovery up to 30 or up to 90 days through our individual approach and special know-how.

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Pay only for performance,

with no hidden charges

You pay only for judgment debts after transferring to your account. We do not charge any deposit or processing fees and also do not charge any fees for unsuccessful debt procedure.

80% success rate

due to individual approach

Up to 80% success in the early hand in of debts in our administration. An individual access and a special know-how help us to reduce a recovery time up to 50% compared with a normal recovery.

Smoothly and effortlessly

in accordance with the law

We work under SR Act and in accordance with a code of ethical and moral principles. Our team of dedicated professionals with years of experience will take care of all obligations relating to the recovery for you.

What do you appreciate?

  • a highly professional approach
  • an operative negotiation
  • inexpensive services and products
  • an individual approach to the customer
  • a long-term and stable cooperation
  • confidentiality

What do you get?

  • a reduction of losses from bad debts
  • reduce the cost of debt collection
  • a reduction of the inflation risk
  • reduce the average number of days overdue
  • improving client cash flow
  • cash flow optimization and customer relationship

What should I do?

The sooner the better

Within our 10 years of experience, we know that the percentage of successful enforcement depends on a speed of transferring claims to our administration. The faster you decide to hand in your claim The greater chance of successful recovery of claims you have.

Do not put aside these problems

Entrust your claim today to our experts. Prepare necessary documents and answers to following questions.

Maturity Success rate
30 days 97%
90 days 85%
180 days 78%
360 days 33%
450 days 26%

Prepare answers to the following questions:

To what extent (amount of claims) and how many claims do you want to exact?
How will you send us the information needed to recover claims (e-mail, mail)?
What is the age (number of days after the due date of your claims)?

What follows after taking the case?

After taking over the case by our company all obligations relating to the recovery is OUR care. Our client is kept informed about the process and the procedure of a recovery procedure during the collection of claims. At the same time we pay a lot of attention to the protection of a sensitive data of our clients.

We start to solve a case immediately.

We start working on your claims immediately. After taking a case we analyze claims and choose the best solution. We apply an individual and professional approach. Within an initial capital and legal analysis of your case we sort out receivables whose recovery is real from those irrecoverable and ineffective.

Personal visit to a debtor - individual approach

After signing a contract of mandate, power of attorney and documentation related to the recovery of your receivables we initiate a negotiation and a personal encounter with the debtor in order to achieve the fastest and effective payment of the amount due. At this stage our company calls as soon as possible to the debtor to pay the amount due. In case of failure to pay claims by the debtor within a fixed date, we contact the debtor again and we agree on a time and an efficient way of a payment of the claims due to the shortest possible time and in as few installments.

Telephone call and summons from trained polite staff

The debtor is throughout the recovery procedure urged by calls and by correspondence to the company address or to the address of the executive manager of the company or to individual address. These operations provide a broad technical and personnel potential of our company. We also use specialized software which was developed for our company needs.

Personal visit to the debtor - The most effective tool

Considering our 10- year- experience, we know that personal visits are the most effective instrument of extrajudicial debt claims. We receive important information about the debtor's financial situation and activities on the ground.

A personal confrontation with the debtor at his place of residence

We prefer a personal contact with a debtor while the process of collecting claims is in progress; we visit and negotiate with the debtor. Our experienced staff contacts debtors by telephone and then in person. The company actively uses external collection auditors held by our company in different regions throughout Slovakia.

Nationwide network of the collection auditors is available to you

Regional distribution of our collection auditors ensures that the auditors have a very good knowledge of local conditions and also because they have excellent personal contacts at various state agencies and local government and at the same time are flexible with regard to the possible impact on debtors.

High professionalism of our auditors is a must.

An important feature of our collection auditors, on which our company is based, is their professionalism in conducting these specialized operations including ,a knowledge of current legislation SR, an ethical communication and behavior. Our employees are governed by the laws of Slovak Republic and internal ethical principles of the company.

Improving the position of clients in an effective recovery of claims

In addition to effective and successful recovery of claims we try to ensure an improvement in the position of the client in relation to the debtor throughout realization of various legal actions such as:

Debt admission

Accede to the liabilities as natural person


Signing the bill of exchange

Debt Securitization

The implementation of these actions will ensure a better position our client against the debtor and ensure fair enforcement of the claim.

Successful recovery of claims

There are several alternative of performance in an out-of-court debt. In case the debtor fails to pay his commitment immediately, respectively in allotted time we secure the recovery of the debt by the signing the agreement about the installments. We follow the debtor according to installment plan if they fulfill the agreed repayments properly and on time. After successfully recovering the debt we send to our client an invoice for our services.

What to do in the case of the failure of out-of-court debt instruments?

In case of failure of out-of-court debt instruments we will give you an analysis of the case and suggestions for further possible steps to be taken to recovery the claims. If requested by the client we recover debts on the court in cooperation with a law firm.

We can provide a legal recovery.

More information about a legal recovery you find in the section of the legal recovery, for more information click here.

  1. What do our clients say?

    We have cooperated with the company PRO-FINANCE Service Ltd. for 4 years. We use a wide range of services and highly appreciate their professional and operational approach, thanks to that a cash-flow of DALITRANS Ltd has improved. We will definitely continue in our partnership. Another satisfied clients.

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