Administration and collection of claims

85% success rate with invoices within 90 days
78% success rate with invoices up to 180 days

Compared with the usual way of collecting of claims we can reduce the time of claims
recovery up to 30 or up to 90 days through our individual approach and special know-how.

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Prevention saves time and money

Do you want to your invoice to be paid on time?

Avoid the occurrence of problematic overdue
debts by using our specialized preventive measures.

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Legal advice

Do you need advice on work issues,
criminal, commercial and civil law?

If you need some legal advice, we provide professional legal advice and
complex legal services according to your requirement in all fields of Slovak law.

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Collection of claims

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We provide financial compensation, optimize cash flow and keep a good relationship between you and a debtor.


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Protect your money. Start with prevention today and avoid unnecessary costs associated with collecting claims in the future.

Legal advice

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Full legal advice, expert legal advice and legal services by renowned lawyers with years of experience.

Do you have problems with the debtors?

We take care of your claims.

Need a serious and renowned lawyer?

Use the services of legal advice.

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  1. What do our clients say?

    We have cooperated with the company PRO-FINANCE Service Ltd. for 4 years. We use a wide range of services and highly appreciate their professional and operational approach, thanks to that a cash-flow of DALITRANS Ltd has improved. We will definitely continue in our partnership. Another satisfied clients.

Other satisfied clients

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